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We are a full-service video production company, C2 Group excels at bringing your vision to life. Our creative and technical teams help you come up with the ideas that help communicate your message to the intended audience.

Our company focus is on providing video production solutions to utilities and public agencies. The following series is of work completed for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). This next video was produced as part of San Diego, CA's 2004/2007 wildfire hardening program (FiRM). C2 Group (C2) was the program management company and the video produced was to accompany industry recognition of the program's wood to steel conversion success and focused its technical achievements.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Program video highlighted below was developed for SDG&E to be showcased on their website as an introductory overview of the program. This video was subsequently used in many forums; it was included in a Stanford University-industry overview publication as an educational tool for the general public. C2 served as the program management company offering a range of services.

C2 was contracted to support the rebuilding of homes lost during the October 2017 Tubbs fire. The goal is to expedite the permitting and the insurance recovery efforts while in coordination with FEMA disaster support guidelines. Our scope of work included community outreach, media (video production), digitizing of hand-drawn record drawings, and the development of a public GIS portal. The following video was produced for the City to highlight how their innovative approach served the public.

Professional interviewing capabilities, experienced with professional executive and public figures. We prepare in advance, develop and present talking points and statistics to be reviewed and approved by our clients before preparing the interviewee. All formats are accommodated, including assisting with storytelling; anecdotes, case studies, and feedback are memorable because stories are memorable.

Featured: Santa Rosa Fire Department Chief, Tony Gossner. Mayor of Santa Rosa, Chris Coursey. Mayor of San Diego, Kevin L. Faulconer. President of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), Scott Drury

The following are of additional samples of our video production work, equipment and team in action.

SDG&E Electric Vehicle (EV) Day, San Diego 2017. Event video, coordination and partial staffing by C2 Group.

SDG&E, San Diego International Auto Show Event 2017. Event video, coordination and partial staffing by C2 Group.

SDG&E Employee Appreciation Event Video

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), a nonprofit that educates on sustainable development. C2 created the video and presented with SEI at this event.

There's a lot that goes into a day in the life of a UAV inspection's team. We produced this video to provide a snapshot while having a little fun.

We conduct 24-hour creative sessions where we present a theme and the teams have 24-hours to produce and edit a video. These are meant to keep our team sharp and creative while under pressure, the following are a couple of examples.

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