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Utility Power Line Inspector (Southern California)

C2 Group seeks applicants for an Overhead Powerline Inspection program in Southern California that will utilize the combination of drone pilots and field inspectors to complete the inspection of electric utility distribution structures.

C2 Social Media - Job Post - Drone Utility  Pilot.jpg

Drone Utility Inspection Pilot

C2 Group is seeking 14 CFR Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate pilots with experience conducting missions for the purpose of inspecting Electrical Transmission & Distribution structures. A professional approach to flight discipline and sound judgment is a must. Experience with Utilities Inspection flight operations in California is desired.

C2 Social Media - Job Post - Senior Civil Engineer-Project Manager.jpg

Senior Civil Engineer/Project Manager

We are seeking a Project Manager with an engineering background, ideally in Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering, with a Power Utility background. A multi-disciplinary background is helpful, with a general understanding of data science and its ability to uncover valuable trends

C2 Social Media - Job Post - Project Mananger.png

Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager to join our team supporting one of our major clients in the energy industry. The Project Manager will be responsible for the management and delivery of various organizational operations and process-related projects in collaboration with our client’s and C2’s leadership teams.

C2 Social Media - Job Post - Civil Project Engineer.png

Civil Project Engineer

C2 is looking for an experienced Civil Project Engineer to support utility projects, mainly focusing on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Your role is to lead and manage technical deliverables and construction pre-requisites, including final engineering plan sets, easements, long lead time equipment, and building permits.

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