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Engineering Companies (on) Videos, Electric Vehicle Charging Program

After years of working for a number of reputable Engineering Companies, we decided to start a Program Management Consulting Company with a few intrinsically motivated and very talented partners. We understood that the future of Planning, Engineering, Construction and Project Management was going to look very different from what we were used to previously. We assessed current and relative technologies that were in process but likely to evolve into permanent solutions. Afterwards, we discussed our findings with a number of industry leaders and further refined our approach.

No amount of planning was going to prepare us for the unforeseen factors that would be driven by an increasing rate of change fueled by technological innovation. We solved this by creating a culture around constant change and that required that we were comfortable with constant (unlearning & re-learning) Today, we have embraced data capture technologies which include drones, mixed reality and a number of analytic based methods to understand a program. We recognized that complexity also meant that we needed to evolve how we communicate what we do. We started with developing the ability to create content; we played around with ways to communicate what we do as a company but without going too far (sneak peeks), such as this one:

As we began to evolve the video side of what we did, we began to see people with overlapping skills start to collaborate and create better content. We had marketing people start to use their (underutilized) graphics design passions, we saw software engineering and GIS experts look for ways to take advantage of geolocated photogrammetry, and the collaboration continued to evolve. It was my job to ensure that an environment that embraced the collaboration was created while being able to help gently guide in directions that solved a market gap or was able to take an existing good and make it a new great.


How did we turn it into a product offering?

Many of our competitors in this space were talented with storyboarding, capturing video and editing but required a lot of client input to understand the technology and the culture behind what needed to be conveyed to the public. Here is where we saw the opportunity and stepped into a space where we can storyboard and develop quality content in record time at significantly lower costs than the competition.

Our primary motivators are not financial; we enjoy creating. This new approach pulled our company employees together to solve problems and collaborate in ways previously not seen within this industry. The local workforce took notice, and we began to draw talent from a number of industries with their ideas and spin on what we do, and so we embraced them too. At some point I will write about our business model which is inclusive, giving and encourages entrepreneurship. Below, is one of our latest videos where we are consulted as the program managers. In our industry, why not be a part of the infrastructure that fuels tomorrow's standard? A quick explanation of the program, enjoy.

If you would like to collaborate, have questions or want to partner on a program, project or to innovate, please e-mail me at


A few pictures of the team in Action!

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