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We provide data analytics and programming in aggregating, analyzing, and summarizing pertinent data regarding all phases of a project lifecycle to give our clients the ability to make quick decisions or adjustments as needed to improve the project’s performance.  From scheduling, coordinating, and tracking projects from planning through design and finally construction, summarized dashboards of the collected data give a snapshot of the health of the program.  Examples of this type of project controls and services include Project Scheduling, Design and Construction Trackers, Construction Progress, Project Percent Billing Accuracies, Historical Contractor Performance Trends, and Financial Project Analysis, Summary and Dashboards.

We understand that having the data is the starting point for managing effectively. Like everything else we do, we engaged our construction managers, contracting partners, and blind surveys to help develop a construction management app that kept it simple for the users in the field but captured the pertinent information that project managers needed on a daily basis.  We understand that projects whether large or small, are often complex. Your daily reporting tool shouldn’t be.

Ask us about custom apps to keep your field teams engaged and feeding you the specific data you need to keep projects moving forward while using dashboards you need to tell your program story in real time, in your company’s language.

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